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Where in the World is Nancy Pearl? As it turns out, the Nancy Pearl action figure is a world traveller. Who'd have thought? Click here.

There's something simultaneously stern and gentle about a good "shush." Accompanied by a properly furrowed brow, it can be downright insistent. But quiet. Even reserved.

Nancy Pearl is a librarian in Seattle. She is also the author of the best-selling books Book Lust and More Book Lust - which is pretty cool. But what makes her truly cool is her Librarian Action Figure, pictured here. It's five inches tall and, when you press a button on her back her arm moves with an amazing shushing action. ($8.95) Her site is a wonderful one:

Before their library opens, early every morning, the Mayde Creek High School (Houston, TX) staff practices shushing together.

From left to right: Julie Long, Patti Greene and Debbie Campbell. (Photo by Melinda Stone)

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