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The 2011 Award Winners
The 2010 Award Winners

Mirela Roncevic Our 2011 Judges are a mighty impressive group, volunteers and hard-working, too. Their insight and experience added a great deal to the process of selecting winners from among the nominees. To read a bit about each, click the judges

Librarian in Black is the 2011 winner of the General Interest Library Blog Award.

The following blogs were nominated for the 2011 Library Blog Awards (the winners are listed in bold):

General: Blogs providing broad discussions of library topics and trends, including reviews of books and products.

Librarian in Black
In the Library with the Lead Pipe
Books on the Knob
Library Juice
Read This!

Academic: Blogs targeting academic librarians and academic institutions

Preservation Underground
Here and There
Information Tyrannosaur
The Waki Librarian

Public: Blogs addressing the challenges and triumphs of public librarianship

Swiss Army Librarian
Librarian by Day
The Cataloguing Librarian
Thoughts from a Well-Rounded

School: Blogs covering topics relevant to school libraries and K-12 education

The Unquiet Librarian
The Blue Skunk Blog
K-M The Librarian
Shelf Consumed
Ms. Yingling Reads

Local: Institution-specific blogs promoting the interests of a public, academic, or school library

This Day in Athens
Shelf Talk
NYIT Library Channel
Cecil County Public Library
ICARUS: Santa Fe Public Library

Commercial: Professional blogs written for profit, generally tied to a trade publication

Neverending Search
Book Group Buzz
Library Love Fest
Annoyed Librarian

Newcomer: Blogs by next-gen librarians who have only recently started blogging

Library Renewal
Hack Library School
Eliterate Librarian
Joeyanne Libraryanne

Quirky: Character-driven blogs covering an array of library topics that defy categorization

The Daring Librarian
Eva's Book Addiction
All These Birds with Teeth
A Librarian's Guide
   to Etiquette

Abby the Librarian

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Blogs providing broad discussions of topics and trends affecting all libraries, including reviews of books, e-books, electronic products, and emerging technologies. Other issues discussed include, but are not limited to, book news, digitization, cataloging, indexing, metadata, e-government, copyright, freedom of information, library education, literacy, conferences, and library advocacy.

Blogs listed with a include 2010 and 2011 finalists and winners.

(almost) Bald Trainer Blog
The Bald Guy
Chronicles of the (almost) bald technology trainer. Inducted into the 2010 class of Library Journal Movers and Shakers.

025.431: The Dewey blog
Everything you always wanted to know about the Dewey Decimal Classification® system and knowledge organization but were afraid to ask.

Jackie Siminitus
Learning 2.0 California Style-technology trends and tools for educators and librarians.

Adventures in Love, Life and Librarianship
Elizabeth Laera
A single twentysomething tries to find her way while job hunting, working as a librarian, and living with her parents. She also cooks and reads romance.

American Indians in Children's Literature
Debbie Reese
Critical perspectives and analysis of indigenous peoples in children's and young adult books, the school curriculum, popular culture, and society. By considering images in books in a societal and historical context, Reese provides information that can help people identify problems in the ways that American Indians are portrayed.

Bad Librarianship
Norn Iron
An Ireland blogger with a passion for books of all sorts.

Banned Librarian
Amy Sonnie
Coverage of U.S. (and global) efforts to expand information access, advance equity for marginalized communities, and protect intellectual freedom. For librarians who support social justice and community activists who love their libraries.

Be Spacific
Sabrina I. Pacifici
Daily law and technology news with links to reliable primary and secondary sources on topics, including e-government, privacy, government documents, cybercrime and ID theft, the Patriot Act, freedom of information, and more.

Beyond the Job
Sarah Johnson
Articles, job-hunting advice, professional development opportunities, and other news and ideas on how to further your library career.

Bill the Librarian-Online Home of Bill Drew
Bill Drew
Random thoughts and ideas of a babyboomer librarian inspired by innovation, change, and constant challenges. His main interest is social networking as it applies to libraries and higher education.

April Kessler & Laura Young
With over 20 years combined business and library research experience, April and Laura believe business research can be not only interesting but fun as well.

Lisa Guidarini
A blog by a prolific librarian, book reviewer, and reference librarian that wobbles between daily life and book thoughts (shorter reviews, but more of them).

Book Menus
Nathalie Harty
A blog about books that Nathalie reads ("at least once, often more") and "dissects," i.e., makes lists of many details from each book (e.g., food, drink, film, music, celebrities) that may help discussions, lessons, etc.

Book Patrol
Michael Lieberman
A blog that celebrates the book in all its forms. Michael has served on the boards of the Friends of the Seattle Public Library, The Book Club of Washington, and the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America.

Books on the Knob
Bargain reads, free ebooks, and book reviews for the Amazon Kindle, nook, kobo, Sony, and other e-readers, along with some games, music, technology, and computers tossed in now and then.

Bookshelves of Doom
Leila Roy
Book news, reviews, and everything in between. Librarian. Minus the MLS. That might happen. Someday.

Martyn Everett
Mostly reviews of books and Internet resources, but information about relevant conferences is also included, as are links to podcasts and more.

Brave New World
Bryan Loar
By a 21st century librarian who believes librarians are part Swiss Army Knife, ninjas, and teachers. The blog promotes librarianship as a catalyst that helps communities build upon the rich knowledge that is present while ensuring it will be there for generations thereafter.

Browsing Room
Book news, book reviews, and technology as it relates to the reading experience.

David Bigwood
This blog doesn't limit cataloging to AACR2/MARC21 but includes metadata, mark-up, Semantic Web, and OPAC and ILS issues. Anything impacting the physical or intellectual access of materials is a possible topic.

Cataloging Futures
Christine Schwartz
A topic blog that focuses on the future of cataloging and metadata in libraries. The idea is to capture blog posts, reports, articles, etc. that will help the average in-the-trenches catalogers feel empowered in their search for professional development resources.

Catalogue & Index Blog
This is the blog of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals' Cataloguing and Indexing Group (CIG). Its goal is to provide news about cataloging, indexing, metadata, taxonomy design, and CIG events and activities.

Jennifer Eustis
Thoughts on librarianship and cataloging with a focus on RDA (when the information presents itself).

Centered Librarian, The
David W. Booker
Tracking innovation, development, and experimentation in information studies and library science and spotting new technologies, trends, fun stuff, and much more.

Chasing Ray
Colleen Mondor
Mostly reviews by a Bookslut columnist and reviewer for Booklist and Eclectica Magazine.

Citizen Reader
This site was formerly known as Nonfiction Readers Unknown. While nonfiction is still the blogger's one true love, s/he also reads fiction and has all sorts of nosey questions about how people read, why they read, and what they get out of it.

Closed Stacks
By librarians from a range of library types whose motto is "ruling the world through information." Unique perspectives and a fresh outlook on a vital and fascinating profession.

Collocate & Disambiguate
Lois Reibach
Lois discusses news and trends in authority control and new uses of authority data. Developments in controlled vocabularies are also covered.

Lukas Koster
A blog about Library 2.0. Meaning: developments in new internet technologies that are of importance to libraries.

Concerned Librarians of British Columbia
An advocacy group of approximately 60 Canadian librarians with ALA-accredited MLS or MLIS degrees, formed in 2004, with the goal to raise awareness on current issues as they pertain to the profession.

Connected Librarian, The
R. Quick
Commentary on the world of technology, libraries, and information by a digital services librarian and Associate Professor of Information Science at Schreiner University.

Content Divergent
Robin Fay
Robin is an information professional who writes and teaches on metadata, identity, social media, and design. She is also a knowledge worker, consultant, "open-source fiend," social media advocate, magazine editor, and librarian.

Copy This Blog
Carlos Ovalle
Thoughts on copyright, libraries, academics, fans, anime, and games by an American Library Association Copyright Scholar.

Coyle's InFormation
Karen Coyle
A Berkley, CA, librarian, techie, and social commentator confronts the big questions of where libraries are headed and what we can do to make the best decisions for their future and their users.

Dear Librarian {ask me anything}
Ann Krembs
An elementary librarian at the International School of Beijing is eager to answer (and ask) questions about technology, information literacy, resources, and last but not least, books.

Depraved Librarian
Grace Lee
News and information about culture, law, music, technology, and research from a law librarian, Palminatrix, and choral singer.

Derivative Work
Laura Quilter
Laura is a librarian, lawyer, geek, and all-round information activist who blogs about information law and policy, science, the environment, atheism and religion, feminism and oppression, and authority and autonomy.

Designing Better Libraries
Steven Bell
Exploring the application of design, innovation, and new media to create better libraries and user experiences.

Desk Set, The
A collaborative effort that promotes events with literary and library interests, including fundraisers and parties for literacy programs, literary programming, and collections and exhibits. Engaging writing from different guest bloggers each month.

DIY Librarian
Tara Murray
Librarianship for the people. Topics covered include books and reading, attendance of conferences, non-traditional conferences, developing digital identities, embedded librarianship, and more.

Eclectic Librarian
Anna Creech
Links, commentary, and other random musings by a serialist who works at a university, has two cats, wears glasses and comfortable shoes, and fears turning into a stereotype.

Everybody's Libraries
John Mark Ockerbloom
This is a blog about everybody's libraries: Libraries for everybody, by everybody, shared with everybody, about everything.

Exploded Library
Morgan Wilson
By a law librarian in a large Sydney law firm, whose posts tend to be more philosophical and theoretical, punctuated by the occasional practical post that is relevant to his current job.

Filipino Librarian
Von Totanes
For those interested in knowing more about the Philippines, Filipiniana, Philippine libraries, and Filipino librarians.

William Denton
A weblog following developments around the world in FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.

Free Government Information (FGI)
The future of government information is in peril from many economic and political forces. FGI aims to raise awareness of the importance of government information and create a community with various stakeholders to facilitate an open dialog.

Free Range Librarian
K.G. Schneider
Public, oft-daily mumblings and grumblings of a writer and librarian who has published over 100 articles and two books.

From the Catalogs of Babes
Rachel "Ivy" Clarke
The nature of information is changing so rapidly that cataloging often lags behind. Rachel may be young and inexperienced but she believes that many rules and traditions of cataloging are due for an upgrade.

Goblin Cartoons
Joshua M. Neff
Adventures of a web content developer (and former reference librarian) who loves comics, superheroes, SF and fantasy lit, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Babylon 5, old pulp magazines, Dada, and Surrealism.

Googlizaton of Everything
Siva Vaidhyanathan
An entire blog on how Google is disrupting commerce, culture, and community. Siva teaches media studies and law at the University of Virginia and is the author of Googlization of Everything: And Why We Should Worry.

Hack Library School
What will the information professions be next year if we define it for ourselves today? If they had a voice in the development of curriculum, what would that degree entail? How would you "hack" your library school? By, for, and about library school students.

Handheld Librarian, The
Handheld computer news, ideas, and opinions from librarians and others interested in libraries.

A place where some of the staff at OCLC Research, particularly those who support the OCLC Research Library Partnership, can talk about the intersections they see happening between these different types of institutions.

Hectic Pace
Andrew K. Pace
Director for Networked Library Services at OCLC pontificates "on stage, in writing, and via the web" on a variety of issues important to libraries.

Hedgehog Librarian
Abigail Goben
Tales of a prickly, nocturnal infodiva who primarily reads historical romance, paranormal romance, YA fiction, children's chapter books, cozy mysteries, knitting books, and history (mostly Medieval/Renaissance).

Heidi Go Seek
Heidi Blanton
Info gal and wiki warrior who likes to tinker with all things techie, is fascinated with the social life of information, does not fear change (bring it on!), and is currently studying user experience design.

High Visibility Cataloguing
According to the founders of this blog, it is the cataloguers' responsibility to discover how their skills can be adapted in the 21st century; they need to attain new skills that will transport them into the future of metadata, and then, most significantly, tell everyone about it.

Institute for the Future of the Book
This blog considers covers a wide range of concerns, all in some way fitting into the techno-cultural puzzle that is the future of ideas. When not writing this blog, contributors build open source software and lead publishing experiments with authors, academics, artists, and programmers.

Ellyssa Kroski
News and resources on Library 2.0 and the information revolution by emerging technologies and web services librarian at Barnard College as well as a writer, educator, and international conference speaker.

In the Library with the Lead Pipe
A group of librarians working in academic, public, and school libraries across the United States on a mission to improve communities, libraries, and professional organizations. Each article is peer-reviewed by at least one external and one internal reviewer.

Christopher G. Harris
Chris is a leader of a School Library System in New York, with a background in elementary teaching and instructional technology. He is also an ALA Emerging Leader and LJ Mover and Shaker.

Information Activist Librarian, The
Anthony (Tony) Molaro
Key topics on this blog include information activism, service to under-served populations, democratization of information, and the role of social media in freeing information.

Information Literacy Weblog
Sheila Webber
News and reports about information literacy around the world by faculty member in the Information School, University of Sheffield, U.K., and Director of the Centre for Information Literacy Research.

It's All Good
Chrystie Hill
A blog from five Online Computer Library Center staff about all things present and future that impact libraries and library users.

Itinerant Librarian, The
Angel Rivera
This is the Gypsy's Librarian's "other blog." Serious and professional, go to the Gypsy Librarian [in the Academic category]. Opinions, common sense, and other library topics "not discussed in polite company," this is the place.

jandawson.net* librarianing
Jan Dawson
Project Coordinator and Virtual Reference Librarian for askON/ONdemande, a not-for-profit virtual reference service freely available to all Ontarians, blogs about emerging technologies as they apply to libraries and information professionals in the Information Age.

Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch
Kathy Schrock
Kathy has been an education professor, and a middle school, academic, museum, and public librarian. Here she shares her thoughts, discoveries, and ideas primarily on educational technology topics.

Richard Kong
Lots of variety here by Information Services Manager at Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

Learning Round Table
ALA's Learning Round Table promotes quality continuing education for all library personnel and helps library staff network with other continuing education providers for the exchange of ideas, concerns, and solutions.

Lesa's Book Critiques
Lesa Holstine
A syndicated blog that covers book reviews and author appearances, with an emphasis on crime fiction and mysteries. Guest bloggers and authors interviewed are mostly mystery writers.

Librarian 1.5
Thomas Brevik
Library 2.0 from a Scandinavian perspective. Thomas created the blog to participate in the international library discussion and writes about library technology, open source, and general library issues in general.

Librarian at the Kitchen Table, A
Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Librarians build community by working as advocates for social justice and human rights.

Librarian in Black
Sarah Houghton-Jan
She is amazingly informed and therefore properly opinionated. By wading through hundreds of sources about librarianship, technology, web services, and current trends, she tries to find the few gems that apply to library work and therefore save you valuable time.

Librarian X
Jason Puckett
With great power comes great bibliography. So says Communication Librarian at Georgia State University Library in Atlanta, who teaches library classes on research and information literacy skills, bibliographic software, and library technology topics.

Jessamyn West
Jessamyn has been putting the rarin back in librarian since 1999. She is a rural librarian, a library technologist, and a community manager at MetaFilter.com.

Libraries & Life
Curtis Rogers
A place where one blogger talks about libraries, Library 2.0, the future of libraries, and new and interesting things about what makes libraries great.

Libraries and Transliteracy
A group effort to share information about the new literacies, digital literacy, media literacy, information literacy, visual literacy, 21st century literacies, transliteracies, and more with special focus on all libraries.

Libraries Build Communities
Chrystie Hill
A blog supporting the writing of a book about libraries and community building. After working in special, academic, and public libraries, Chrystie started It Girl Consulting, a small venture that helps libraries enhance their services to meet current community needs.

Library Juice
Rory Litwin
On the intersection of libraries, politics, and culture. Topics include information as a public good, privacy, government and corporate secrecy and disinformation, intellectual freedom and civil liberties, print culture, web culture, visual culture, and the meaning of literacy.

Library Law Blog
Mary Minow & Peter Hirtle
Issues concerning libraries and the law-with latitude to discuss any other interesting issue. Note: not legal advice, just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.

Library Lovers' LiveJournal
This is a fully interactive blog where librarians, library science students, and library aficionados from anywhere post on topics related to information and literature.

Library of Congress Blog, The
Library of Congress blog maintained by the Library's Director of Communications from 2006 to 2011, the Library's Acting Director of Communications, and a writer-editor in the Library's Public Affairs Office since June 2006.

Library Renewal
The brainchild of many people, this site's goal is to find new e-content solutions for libraries while staying true to their larger mission.

Library Stuff
Stephen M. Cohen
This weblog dedicated to resources for keeping current with professional library development.

Library Writer's Blog
Corey Seeman
Helping librarians identify publishing and presentation opportunities in library and information science, as well as other related fields. Included are calls for papers, presentations, participation, reviewers, and more.

LibraryLaw Blog
Mary Minow
Issues concerning libraries and the law, with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues. Note: not legal advice, just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.

Michael Porter
All about libraries, community, technology, and PEZ. Michael is a librarian, presenter, author, practical technology fan, and PEZ collector. He has 20 years of experience working in Libraryland and has presented hundreds of times to library staff around the world.

Liminal Librarian
Rachel Singer Gordon
Liminality, the state of being "in between," is inherently unsettling, yet full of possibility. Liminal librarians are on the threshold, mindful of their in-betweenness, taking issue with absolutes, and excited about what the future may hold. Rachel is a webmaster and consulting editor.

LIS News Blog
This collaborative blog is devoted to current events and news in the world of library and information science. A dedicated team of international bloggers scour the Internet for interesting and noteworthy stories.

LISNews: Enquire Within Upon Libraries
A collaborative blog devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science.

LITA: Library and Information Technology Association Blog
The official blog for the Library and Information Technology Association, dedicated to technology in library and information systems.

Lively Librarian
Shannon Distel Scanlan
A Business Services Librarian at a public library outside Chicago writes on social networking, idea sharing, book reviews, technology, and Readers Advisory. She combines her passion for reading and writing with her passion for travel, technology, instruction, and more.

Lorcan Dempsey's Weblog
Lorcan Dempsey
A general consideration of how libraries, research and learning, and reading and writing practices are changing in a network environment.

Lower East Side Librarian
Jenna Freedman
About zines and alternative press publications in libraries, cataloging, library activism, open source technology applications, and culture.

Marianne Lenox: Gadabout Library Trainer
Marianne Lenox
Marianne holds a degree in Communications and has a background in theater, which helped her bluff her way through a varied list of jobs. She is a speaker and trainer to library groups and other organizations on a variety of topics.

Metadata Matters
Diane Hillmann
This blog is about Metadata, attached to the site of Metadata Management Associates.

Metadata, Cataloging, and Various Librarian-like stuff
A passionate exploration of the concepts related to metadata and cataloging. An expression of what this former cataloger sees as "the way of the world."

Miss Scarlett in the Library
Miss Scarlet
By a student in a Library and Information Technician program in Canada, currently taking part in 23 Things for Professional Development, a self-directed course that introduces tools for helping librarians grow professionally.

M-learning is Good
Mobile learning (m-Learning), e-learning, mobility, and mobile devices.

This blog explores topics for the modern library, including digitization, metadata, taxonomy, social media, design for seamless user experience, marketing, and sometimes just books.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Wesley Fryer
Wesley documents his journey of learning and collaborates with other educators and lifelong learners around the globe. The focus is on engaged learning, Web 2.0 technologies, digital storytelling, literacy, educational technologies, and more.

Musings About Librarianship
Aaron Tay
Keeping track of interesting and cool ideas that might be used by libraries for benefit of users.

Neat New Stuff I Found on the Net This Week
Marylaine Block
Usually free sites of substantial reference value, authoritative, browsable, searchable, and packed with information, whether educational or aimed at answering everday questions.

New Technologies for Libraries Blog
Australian blog focusing on Web 2.0 (yeah that old thing), libraries, skill sharing and awareness raising, digital literacy, the Internet in general and specific.

OA Librarian
Open access resources by and for librarians.

Observations of a Librarian
All about books (spanning categories and genres) read by Katya, a librarian in Alabama.

Open Reading
John Miedema
John writes about books, reading, libraries, and technology. His book, Slow Reading, is a concise review of research and concepts about the benefits of reading more slowly.

Opinions of a Wolf
Amanda McNeil
Honest book and movie reviews intermixed with ponderings on librarianship and the role of libraries in the American culture. Periodic pieces on women's issues, animal rights, vegetarianism, pop culture, and more.

Organizing Chaos
By an information services advisor for a law firm who uses this space to record her reflections and write about libraries and librarianship, among other things.

Original Librarian Trading Cards, The
Amy'n the Librarians
A blog that highlights and celebrates all the diverse personalities, skills, experiences, and passions of those who make up the field.

Original Warrior Librarian
Amanda Credaro
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, says Sydney-based librarian blogging about everything from professional development to fiction to collection "culling."

OverAutomated Librarian, The
Dennis G. Van Arsdale
Dennis blogs for the edification (and possibly amusement) of other librarians struggling to keep up with the latest technology despite the handicap of having been born in the 20th century.

Richard Wallis
Musings on how a new technology could impact libraries; podcasts with movers and shakers; reports on reports from government and industry bodies; feedback on conference sessions; and speculation on the future of libraries.

Patent Librarian's Notebook
Michael White
For academic and public librarians and other information specialists who provide patent information services to the public. The goal is to help librarians understand how patent information is produced, organized, and disseminated so that they may provide better service to their users.

Phil Bradley's Weblog
Phil Bradley
Where librarians and the Internet meet. Designed to be a mixture of helpful, informative, and entertaining, and somewhat opinionated content. Topics include Internet searching, Web 2.0 resources, search engines, and their development.

Planet Cataloging
Jennifer W. Baxmeyer & Kevin S. Clarke
An automatically-generated aggregation of blogs related to cataloging and metadata, designed and maintained by Jennifer and Kevin.

Random Musings from the Desert
Ruth Kneale
A blog to supplement "You don't look like a librarian!"...plus whatever else grabs the attention of this Arizona-based Systems Librarian.

Read This
Peabody Institute Library's Reader's Advisory blog. Full of book reviews, news of the literary world, and book links. There's something for every book lover on the site.

Rick Roche
A review of books, web sites, movies, or anything worth reviewing, with comments about libraries and librarianship. Rick is a reference librarian at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library.

Running Librarian
James Mullan
A look at how librarians can use Web 2.0 applications in their workplace. Subjects include RSS, wikis, blogs, Enterprise 2.0, and microblogging. James is usually found skulking around in a Law Library somewhere in London.

Scarlettlibrarian's Blog
Venessa Harris
A general blog "about information management and library nerd stuff." Venessa is in the midst of getting her Master's in Library and Information Studies. She calls herself a 1940s freak, an artist, musician, and discerning tea drinker.

Shifted Librarian, The
Jenny Levine
Shifting libraries at the speed of byte. Her name is Jenny (of the American Library Association) and she'll be your information maven today.

Social Justice Librarian
A multi-author blog for news, analysis, musings, ponderings, and the occasional snark related to social justice and human rights in librarianship.

Solo Librarian
Michael Charlton
He requires books as he requires air. Michael is a "librarian, anarchist, and human" who also blogs at Circle A Librarian.

Spectrum>Mobile Learning, Libraries, And Technologies
Gerry McKiernan
Devoted to documenting any and all topics relating to services provided by libraries to patrons within mobile environments.

Librarians (who go by the names of Kelly, Kimberly, and Jen). Reviews (young adult to adult; print, digital, audio, and everything in between). Mayhem (kind of).

Stephen's Lighthouse
Stephen Abram
A source of ideas, insights, and research links about the challenges facing libraries today, including technology, social networking, professional development, innovation, and more.

Striped Armchair, A
Blog of a twenty-something reader and unapologetic book nerd only interested in fiction by non-American, non-British authors or re-issued books from before 1950.

Tame the Web
Michael Stephens
An examination of the intersection between people, technology, and library service. Questions arise: What emerging trends are reshaping libraries and LIS education? What's happening outside our world that we should pay attention to?

Palindrome Lover
An "agent" of the library based in Salt Lake City, reviewing manga, graphic novels, and young adult literature.

The English language's oldest Internet blog dealing with all issues related to electronic publishing, electronic books, digitization, digital archives, and digital libraries. Contributors deal with the hardware, software, and the end product.

News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing, and related topics. TeleRead is, in a sense, a proposal for well-stocked national digital library systems in the United States and elsewhere.

The "M" Word-Marketing Libraries
Kathy Dempsey
Some librarians look at marketing as something they'd rather not do or that doesn't belong in libraries. This blog helps them understand that it is terribly necessary.

Thingology Blog
LibraryThing's ideas blog on the philosophy and methods of tags, libraries, and suchnot.

Thoughts from a Library Administrator
Michael Golrick
Random thoughts of a former public library director, now back at the reference desk. Michael often includes information and insights about ALA and its processes. Sometimes he also includes personal reflections and assorted links.

Thomas A. Ipri
Ongoing thoughts about media and technology librarianship from Head of Media and Computer Services at Lied Library, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Travelin' Librarian, The
Michael Sauers
Library musings on Web 2.0, supported by lots of videos, photos, and various other visual stimulants.

Travellin' Librarian, The
Michael Sauers
Currently the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln, Michael has been training librarians in technology for more than 15 years.

Uncommon Commons
Stacey Greenwell
Library and IT-related commentary on learning commons. The author provides numerous examples of creative marketing, technology use, and space and furniture design.

Walking Paper
Aaron Schmidt
A library design consultancy, shop, and blog by a gee whiz hailing from SE Portland, OR.

Walt at Random
Walt Crawford
The library voice of the radical middle. Thoughts on libraries, net media, policy, music, and other stuff by a semi-retired library writer who is carving a space in that middle area whose existence some people on either "side" deny.

Wandering Eyre, A
Michelle Boule
About libraries, books, geeks, nerds, technology, politics, and whatever else crosses Michelle's mind. She is a self-proclaimed compulsive writer and this is one of her outlets. Some days there is no rhyme or reason to it.

We Read Banned Books, and Other Stuff, Too…
Intellectual freedom is the right to read, view, hear, express, and discuss any idea on any subject. BCLA works to uphold these principles in libraries. This is the (unofficial) blog of its Intellectual Freedom Committee.

WebJunction is an online community where library staff meet to share ideas, solve problems, and take online courses.

Weibel Lines
Stuart Weibel
Ruminations on libraries, Internet standards, and stuff that comes to mind to Senior Research Scientist at OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) in Dublin, OH.

What to Read, What to Read
Reviews of books on every subject imaginable, from abuse, adventure, and Afghanistan to writing, Yellowstone, and zombies.

White Readers, Meet Black Authors
Carleen Brice
A sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted plea for everybody to give a black writer a try. Carleen received the 2009 First Novelist Award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association and the 2008 Break Out Author Award at the African American Literary Awards Show.

Ned Potter
A series of ideas about information, unsubstantiated by proper research. The wikiman's main interests include hot library topics, social media, marketing libraries, and online platforms.

World's Strongest Librarian
Josh Hanagarne
By an aspiring strongman, bookish nerd, twitchy guy with Tourette's Syndrome, devoted family man, tearer of phonebooks, and humble librarian.

WorldCat Blog
WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information. This is the network's main blog.

Writer Librarian, The
All about being a writer. All about being a librarian who writes. All about juggling writing and librarianship.

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