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Salem Press is once again the host of The Library Blog Awards.

This year, as in previous years, we recognize exceptional thinking and writing in library blogosphere by inviting all readers to vote for their favorites and then turn the tally over to our judges for final honors.

Click to view 2012's Nominees and Winners.

The Salem Blog Directory We've scoured the web for current, library-oriented blogs for this year's directory. And located over 1,300 of them. To browse or search Salem's current blog listings, just click:

The 2012 Library Blog Directory

Welcome to Salem's Library Blog Center—an online home of The Library Blog Directory and The Library Blog Awards.

A multitude of blogs exists in cyberspace, covering personal anecdotes, business agendas, and everything in between. Every profession seems to have its own blogosphere. Librarianship is no exception.

Thousands of librarians in the United States and abroad are taking advantage of the tools available to them—such as TypePad, Wordpress, and Blogger—to communicate their thoughts about the direction of library and information science. Some have been around for years; others are still finding their niche. Some are written for fellow librarians; others are geared at local patrons.

As the number of library blogs continues to grow, so does the challenge to keep up. Blog readers need a tool to help them map out the content available to them.

The Library Blog Directory is such a place. Thoroughly researched and vetted for accuracy, with input from experienced bloggers, editors, and LIS professionals, The Directory helps librarians discover library content by providing several search and browse options.

SEARCH the blogs in our database by using the Simple and Advanced search tools.

BROWSE any of the special "focus" categories by zooming in on the blogs covering the topics of interest to you (and your institution).

Browse blogs by BLOG TYPE or BLOG AUDIENCE

In addition to maintaining The Library Blog Directory, Salem is also the proud host of The Library Blog Awards. Now in its third year, the contest celebrates exceptional thinking and writing in library blogosphere. Each year, winners are selected in several categories with help from the voting public and a panel of distinguished judges. Click 2010 Awards, 2011 Awards or 2012 Awards for information on winners.

Help us keep The Library Blog Directory current by providing more information about existing entries, alerting us to anything that seems incorrect or misplaced, and recommending new blogs to add to our growing inventory. Send your comments to blogs@salempress.com.

The Library Blog Center was developed, edited, and written for Salem Press by Mirela Roncevic, an independent content developer, editor, writer, and library market researcher.

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